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Thursday, 6 June 2013

A journey to a new and improved you

Elegant Places is your partner in world-class medical care travel based in Cape Town, South Africa.

The decision international clients take to have medical treatments abroad is a very personal and significant one, which we take very seriously. Elegant Places deals with the recuperation stage, and can assist with places of tranquility where your clients can fully recover with discretion.
Are you contemplating some form of:
  • plastic surgery
  • facial rejuvenation
  • breast enhancement
  • liposuction
  • dental procedure
  • fertility
  • other surgical or non-surgical procedure

If you have been delaying a medical treatment due to cost, long waiting time or unavailability of specific treatments, we invite you to consider Cape Town.

For years now South Africa, especially Cape Town, has been one of the premier destinations for medical tourists for plastic surgery in particular. According to estimates, up to 30,000 foreigners entered the country last year for some of the country’s top-class procedures.

The Cape is considered the 'jewel' with regards to medical tourism due to its highly internationally rated medical facilities and professionals, quality health care that render an efficient, quality service and affordable prices at a fraction of the cost, as well as the range of leisure activities and the city's exceptional natural beauty.
Recuperate in the most elegant of places with privacy and tranquility.
These are the chosen 'gem' establishments with the best spa and wellness facilities in the Cape:

The lifestyle-oriented spa offers spa luxuries, keeping alive traditional handicrafts. The spa retreats are designed to be sanctuaries for the inner self, to refresh and rejuvenate the spirit as well as physical well-being. Privacy and tranquility allow you to shed the cares of the world while they pamper your body, as well as your mind, with invigorating treatments. Rediscover essential sensory pleasures - from the pleasure of touch to the aroma of exotic oils like rosemary, lavender, jasmine and frangipani wafting the air. Feel your muscles being kneaded and the tension seep away from your body as you drift off to soothing music and enter a realm of blissful happiness and total relaxation.

Enjoy shiatsu, lymph drainage and classic massages or even indira valodia. They are highly skilled in reflexology, aromatherapy and invigorating stress relieving massage. The spa has a variety of treatments available, from facials to pedicures, manicures, waxing and tinting, as well as massages and full body treatments to relax and de-stress. 

Le Franschhoek

A glorious Cape destination spa, where a sensory experience, complete well-being and pure indulgence awaits. The spa is a fusion of rich, opulent tones with sensory symbols from the labyrinth to private outdoor massage garden (where you may even have a moonlight massage) all leading to a relaxation room and meditation area which peer out onto a private courtyard. Spa highlights include innovative signature treatments and sensational elements including a liquid-sound flotation room, the colour-therapy room, an aromatic herbal sauna and shower.

A rare experience of true African indulgence that blesses the body and soul through ancestral therapies. The spa provides this quality African experience and service.


Calm your mind in this relaxation spa and let them pamper you with their attention to detail. Uniquely personal, it prides itself in offering treatments that are based on traditional hands-on touch therapy principles. The combination packages ensure that you leave this sanctuary totally relaxed and rejuvenated with your skin nourished, muscles soothed and the mind calmed. The spa facilities include a Rasul Chamber, two saunas, three multi-purpose treatment rooms, a twin treatment room and a soothing tranquility lounge.

The spa is earthy, relaxing, yet up-to-the-minute in this elegant and luxurious establishment. There are five beautifully fitted rooms each offering distinctive experiences. Spacious and comfortable, they encapsulate the essence of well-being and relaxation. The unique design in combination with the professional treatment procedures, based on traditional and natural touch therapy principles, will gladden your heart.  The stone therapy massage is an unforgettable experience for the massage enthusiast. Another outstanding treatment is the signature therapeutic massage which encompasses five different techniques using traditional touch therapies.

The spa has a full range of treatments composed of traditional, asian and global accents. Therapy principles based on traditional and ancient practice of healing by the human touch. It is uniquely personal and prides itself in offering treatments that are based on the traditional hands-on touch therapy principles within intimate and discreetly private surroundings. The foundation of its therapy regime is a holistic approach to all treatments. They ensure that the highest standards are met and maintained consistently. Each treatment culminates with a tea service featuring a selection of herbal infusions to relax or invigorate - enjoyed in the comfort of the spas lounge area.

The spa takes an uncompromising approach to health, well-being and beauty. Therapies on offer are carefully chosen to create the perfect environment in which to combat stress, pollution and discomforts caused by urban life. They offer you a uniquely holistic treatment of mind, body and spirit to rejuvenate the senses, with a wide range of signature skin and body care treatments based on traditional touch therapy. A range of rejuvenating facials and massages, body treatments such as body bronzing, body wraps and additional treatments such as tints, manicures, pedicures and waxing are available. These versatile treatments are ideal whether you need to relax, relieve tension, eliminate toxins or simply pamper yourself.

 spa is nestled in a quiet corner of the garden. Come and indulge in the therapeutic essential oils and natural plants extracts used in the locally produced products. There is a hydro-therapy room in which you can enjoy a special treatment in the jet bath, as well as a sauna and steam room with a small but well equipped gym with great views over the vineyards.

The spa is nestled between the majestic mountains and the azure ocean, surrounded by a tranquil national park, yet close to the best beaches. Feel indulged and cared for with splendid luxury. This is the ideal escape where harmony and tranquillity gently restore body, mind and soul. Dedicated to restoring beauty and balance through individual treatments and personalised spa journeys. They focus on holistic principles, combining ancient wisdom with modern expertise. Experience the Rasul chamber, hydrotherapy bath, rain shower, manicure and pedicure salon, private outdoor mountain gazebo, tranquillity lounge, health bar, plunge and floatation pools.

The spa captures the essence of this tranquil estate of pure relaxation. The spa is nestled amongst the vineyards with unbroken views of the majestic mountain range. Relax on either the indoor or outdoor loungers or in the heated jacuzzi. Admire the magnificent and unique winelands scenery. In keeping to the theme of the surrounding vines, they use the vine therapy product range, which is an innovative and superior grape-based skincare product range. Grape-derived ingredients include grape cultivars such as Pinotage, Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet, and Sauvignon Blanc. The Spa has grown to become a much sought after retreat where you receive special care and attention.

A unique position deep in the valley that offers a health and wellness spa and new yoga studio. Situated in the quiet corner of the estate where two rivers meet, this is a perfect setting to escape your daily worries and relax into a world of calm tranquillity.  The Spa has three treatment rooms, each with a terrace opening out onto the vineyards with exceptionally beautiful mountain views.  Enjoy a glass of rejuvenating iced tea or cold lemon water. A multitude of therapies, all using the holistic African range of products. The spa collection includes a variety of tantalizing treatments and packages, customized specially for you.  You will re-emerge as a younger, more beautiful you!

In the presence of grand old trees is the constantly changing vistas of mountain and vineyards with the tranquil sound of running water. Here there is the sense of understated luxury. Relax, rejuvenate and restore mind, body and soul amongst the breathtaking vineyards in the shadow of the mountain. They offer a comprehensive range of treatments and therapies as well as a body treatment based on the aromatic components of fine wines.  

At this equestrian area at the edge of the valley, the spa is set in the midst of beautiful and lush surroundings. Nestled in the shadow of the mountain, the spa exudes silence and pristine purity, the essence of stillness. The well-equipped facilities are tailored to be as efficient and comfortable as possible and well-being. Moderation, basic nutrition, sensible exercise, abundant relaxation and health combined with holistic treatments will lead to the discovery of a whole new world of rejuvenation for your wellness.

Their bespoke treatment takes a holistic approach to the five senses using nature’s elements to enliven your total being. Situated in the beautiful gardens, it is the perfect place to relax, unwind and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. It provides the ultimate spa treatments in a series of luxurious facilities. The focus is on treatments that make use of and highlight indigenous and natural ingredients. You can expect soul-enriching treatments that include the use of specially selected natural oils, volcanic stones, tropical bamboo sticks, woven linen clothes and unique massage techniques.

For more information with regards these fine establishments and the growing Medical Tourism  industry in the Cape:

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As a member of Stellenbosch Tourism (360) and the Vernacular Architecture Society of South Africa (VASSA), we specialise in establishments that are the historical ‘gems’ of the Cape, restored to their former glory.