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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Total Solar Eclipse

On November 3, 2013, a total solar eclipse will pass over equatorial Gabon in the Western Africa Congo, Uganda, Kenya and finally Ethiopia. Lodwar in Kenya reports a very encouraging “percent of possible sunshine” of 74 percent, which makes it the best point to be during this time of event and as the duration of the eclipse declines to less than 20 seconds across Kenya and to less than 10 seconds in Ethiopia.

For the experienced eclipse chaser in these locations, such a narrow and abrupt eclipse will come with a prominent presentation of the colorful innermost atmospheric layer of the Sun (the chromospheres) and a spectacular view along the axis of the Moon’s shadow.

Satellite and surface measurements indicate that the weather prospect in northern Kenya is the best along the entire 2013 eclipse track. Standing in these untouched landscapes – gazing up at the unreal fuchsia hues of the solar prominences, the swirling wisps of corona around the black disk of the Moon – promises to be an experience you’ll carry with you forever.

Witness a 14 or 22-second sunset total eclipse of the Sun by the shore of a remote Kenyan lake in a desert landscape.

Experience a world class Safari featuring the best parks in Kenya. There is so much to tell and everyone should try to go at least one time on safari in Africa. Kenya is a destination which allows you to see an enormous variation of landscapes, each with a specific flora and fauna. In the North of Kenya you can experience a desert like environment and see the amazing survival skills of the animals and people who live in these areas. The center of the country has a fascination Mountain Range, the Aberdares, and together with the snowcapped top of Mount Kenya this gives you a dramatic landscape, also very suitable for active sports. It is an upmost pleasure to go on safari and travel for days in these vast open areas probably visiting the most famous of the Kenyan parks the Masai Mara National reserve.

Explore one of the richest and most diverse wildlife areas in the world. Famed for the annual Great Migration of wildebeest, the Masai Mara is home to a vast number of resident wildlife. Discover ageless natural cycles as masses of animals move through vast unfenced conservation areas and then travel to the peaceful atmosphere of Samburu for an authentic wilderness experience in one of Kenya's lesser known reserves.

For a detailed itinerary contact enquire@elegantplaces.co.za We would closely with an indigenous Kenyan company to offer you this and other amazing experiences.

Amboseli Zebra
Lake Nakuru Black Rhino
Masai Mara Wildebeests
Samburu Elephants