Elegant Places

Thursday, 31 January 2013

New Features on Elegant Places

 We've moved our site over to be part of the Google stable. In this way we're able to add more functionality and upgrade the workings of the site to make it more interactive.

The new improved features on the Elegant Places website consist of the following:


Cape Dutch Style and other experiences will be displayed on this page. A magnificent aerial view of Cape Town taken by Airpano is shown.

South Africa

Images have been updated on Picasa so that their is a rotating view of each establishment. Each page has a google plus button as well as follow us on Pinterest to get the Elegant Places view of the finest places in South Africa.


The events calendar features a new look display with a weekly, monthly view of the latest events in the Cape. It features concerts, shows and festivals that are the most elegant to attend.


Specials will be displayed on this page to keep you updated on the finest properties with excellent value. To receive our quarterly newsletter, enter your email and we'll send you the news of seasonal highlights.

Booking Enquiry

We've a booking enquiry form for users to enquire about a preferred establishment.

Mobile Site

Our mobile site gives our mobile users an easy to use application when they are on the go.

We welcome your comments & feedback on this new functionality at heather@elegantplaces.co.za.