Elegant Places

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Elegant Places Goes Back to the 80's

Some girls dressed 80's style for the Rewind Concert.
From time to time Elegant Places gets to go to events. So, being lucky this time around we were invited by Corporate Image Public Relations to attend the 80's Rewind event at GrandWest.

Golden Circle tickets are always a winner and we were up close. It was quite a night out with stars such as Belinda Carlise, Spandau Ballet and the show stopper, Rick Astley. Their voices are incredible and so strong. Songs that we sung to as teenagers came flooding back. These songs are classics and have got better with age. Belinda Carlisle is still a girls favourite, Rick Astley as sweet as a teenagers first love and Spandau Ballet as one of those bands that simply swoon. As I'm still singing this morning: You're indestructible!  Gold, always believe in your soul.

Sponsored by Virgin Atlantic, they now have a flight daily; Cape Town - London. For all our UK friends that now can easily visit South Africa for their summer holidays in style.

About Elegant Events
Elegant Events aims to book artists and stars visiting South Africa, and in particular the Cape, in some of the finest establishments. As a member of Stellenbosch Tourism we get access to some of the most exclusive manor homes & private country villas that the Cape has to offer, all with a very unique appeal that is found no where else in the world. 
We would like to partner with promoters in offering an extra service to artists to make it an outstanding experience. As we don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, we would offer any additional accommodation, tours, cultural events or last minute requests that your discerning guests would require.
With Elegant Places you go back in time to an age old past time stands still.